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My CrossFit Journey

After spending a year on a weight loss kick I decided to celebrate my new found energy and zest for life by starting CrossFit in July 2016. I enjoy it so much I have decided that every new Country, City or Area I visit, I will attend and train at one of the local boxes.

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Body Transformation

On August 2015 I got the opportunity to see myself on TV, this was one of the scariest days of my life. As you can see from the picture below, I was an extremely big guy, at the time I weighted in and just over 124kg, it was that day that my journey started.

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CrossFit Tour

Updated Tour dates, boxes will be featured!!

Sydney Dec 6th 2016 (www.crossfit168.com.au)

Albany WA Dec 28th 2016

San Francisco Jan 2017 (Hopefully)

UK - London - Essex - Apr 26th -May 14th 2017

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Started at 124kgs (273lbs) and finished at 99.6kgs (219lbs)

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CrossFit Box in Every City!

I love the idea that CrossFit is a world wide phenomena, it can cross language barriers and cultural differences. For every new Country - City - Area I visit I will aim to visit and train in as many boxes as possible.